Excitement of big cat dances in Singapore

LED DragonAsia is famous for many religious and cultural festivals. Virtually every country in the continent has its own event which attracts visitors. The Gentling World Lion Dance Championship is Malaysia is claim to fame when it comes to festivals. This exciting, vibrant and exhilarating event, with a history is held once every two years in the Arena Of Stars in Genting Highlands, which will be known as the City of Entertainment of Kuala Lumpur.The three-day event Was held for the eighth time and the audiences witnessed lion dance troupes from all over the world vying for the prize.

The event is organized From the Selangor and FT Dragon and Lion Dance Association, and is endorsed by the Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage and is introduced by the city of Genting. The event sees teams from countries like Mauritius, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, US and Japan participate. The top ten teams with the greatest scores in the preliminary rounds are chosen to compete for the grand prize at the finals. The audience gets an opportunity to take part in the event. Another attraction for visitors will be the China Town Bazaar held throughout the event out the contest venue visitors would discover merchandise including Lion Dance-related product and arts and crafts in the bazaar.

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Since that time it has become a valuable role in the ballroom scene, holding as much significance in contest and social dancing as International or Latin Standard dances. You do not have to worry about dance partners. We learn it person but can replicate it. The summer is coming. It is really to devote some time to learn New Vogue and have fun with your fans, husband, kids, wife or pupils etc. Summertime New Vogue dances. Dance can make you feel good. It releases the stress and can keep you young. There are stages which you can choose.